Ken Rideout: NA Beer Mile & Gobi March Champion

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Ken Rideout has a story that sounds like a movie script. Starting out as a prison guard that didn’t get into running until his 30’s. Now in his 50’s, he’s faster than ever, and winning races all over the world. 

This past spring he entered his very first ultra marathon, the 155-mile Gobi March. In addition to it being his first ultra, he had never camped before, but had to sleep on the ground each night of the adventure. Also, he won. 

Less than a week later Ken entered the 2023 Beer Mile World Classic, which featured a celebrity race as part of the 9th annual event. The Celebrity NA Beer Mile was presented by Athletic Brewing featured a star-studded celebrity field. Ken also won that. 

We’re going to chat today with Ken about his mindset, how he gets faster every year, and what keeps him confident and humble as he challenges himself in new ways on a regular basis. 

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