Annie Brooks: The Road to Kona

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Annie is one of Athletic Brewing’s ambassadors based in the UK. She spends her free time training and racing triathlons, and through countless hours of hard work, she has qualified for the the IRONMAN Women’s World Championship in Kona next week!

However, there’s an element to her story that’s very unique: she has epilepsy. You might think, “How can you race and train for thousands of hours with epilepsy? Could you fall at any point with a seizure?” Today, Annie is going to help us break down some of the misconceptions about epilepsy as well as what it means to live and thrive within an unforeseen reality. 

No matter what you might be going through, Annie can teach us all something new about living Without Compromise. 

Be sure to follow Annie’s progress and cheer her on next Sunday, October 14th, at the IRONMAN Women’s World Championship!

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