"Doing well by doing good" - Ben Franklin

At Athletic, we're firm believers that being healthy & active will lead to a better quality of life. There's no better way than getting outdoors or finding a group to share breaking a sweat with. To help do our part, we'd like to introduce a core program to our company, Two for the Trails. We will choose an Athletic cause on a rotating basis to donate 2% of our overall sales to. Our goal is to promote joint causes of activity and sustainability. "Two for the Trails" is a saying my brother and I always used when heading out on a trail run - it's what you can carry without a day pack, you only get two choices. So, with Athletic Brewing, we choose to give our "two" back to the outdoors

To start, we will be donating 2% of all sales to a selected trail or park, but we will also be donating to causes adaptable to all environments and urban areas. We'll be looking for trails and parks that need renovations overlooked by local governments, or larger parks where we can make an impact with a donation to a well-organized group. We'll have all updates on our blog & social media.

These joint desires of activity and sustainability lead us to build our company around a Ben Franklin saying - "doing well by doing good." In achieving our mission to make great-tasting non-alcoholic craft beer, we hope to have a positive impact in reducing alcoholism and encouraging activity, mindfulness, and time with loved ones. If we don't start acting in a sustainable manner, we're going to lose our chance at great outdoor adventures and outdoor sports. With this, we are officially announcing the first of our initiatives to do our part.

Thanks for hearing us out, and we're looking forward to making an impact together! Please reach out with recommendations.

Team ABC

Where we are Making an Impact

Appalachian Trail - New Hampshire

A team favorite - both at the organization level (the Appalachian Mountain Club) and the trails (the AT), this was an obvious first choice for Two for the Trails. We’ve spent a lot of time up on the Presidential Traverse, the Pemi Loop, and other spots, and want to ensure that we’re part of efforts to ensure generations in the future also get to enjoy them.

Donation: 2% of all company sales for 2018
Team Work Day: August 7th - Meeting at AMC Highlands Center

Northwest Park - Windsor, CT

An amazing family-friendly park in Windsor, CT that is one of the best outdoor gathering spaces in the state. Formerly a large tobacco farm, now transitioned into 12 miles of hiking trails, a nature center w/ exhibits & animals, and an animal barn raising heritage breed livestock.

Donation: 2% of all 1st quarter 2019 sales (split with Roosevelt Forest)
Team Work Day: May 23rd

Roosevelt Forest - Stratford, CT

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