Three Athletes. Countless Setbacks. One Goal.

Come along for the ride

Three of our ambassadors take on the challenge of IRONMAN® Lake Placid. Obstacles ranging from a neurological disorder to drug addiction and homelessness test their courage and resilience, but through the power of community, the three athletes arrive in New York ready to give it their all.


Timmy Howard

The odds were seemingly stacked against Timmy Howard from the start. A tumultuous childhood rooted in deceit led Timmy down a dark hole. Challenges continued to snowball for Timmy until he eventually found himself in a fitness program, where he finally experienced the loving support that had been absent his whole life. With the strength of this new community at his back, Timmy is fueled forward into IRONMAN® Lake Placid in an attempt to conquer a whole new kind of challenge.

Lynn Rogers

Lynn Rogers was training to compete in an IRONMAN® competition, but inexplicable neurological symptoms of numbness and paralysis caused her to drop out before she even reached the starting line. But that didn’t stop her. An unwavering support group that continued to show belief in Lynn helped her maintain belief in herself – which is how she worked her way to competing in IRONMAN® Lake Placid.

Channon Greenfield

A carefree and sociable college student, Channon found himself loving the fraternity life – that is, until he was kicked out of school. In a soul-searching journey to turn his life around, Channon found himself volunteering at an AIDS clinic, where he discovered an unexpected, caring community. Feeding off the strength of this community, Channon began to invite new challenges, which eventually landed him at IRONMAN® Lake Placid.

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