Welcome to the Athletic community! We are an active bunch of weekend warriors, amateur athletes, professional parents, and regular folks who love Athletic Brewing. Athletic Ambassadors have earned a place on this page with their enthusiasm and dedication to the brand. Our goal is twofold: 1) To highlight their accomplishments, and 2) To showcase those who truly believe in our mission here at Athletic.



Professional Obstacle Course Racer, Vermont native, and conditioning coach for High School and Collegiate athletes. Ryan encapsulates the Athletic Brewing way of life in the most positive way possible. He competes as one of the top professional athletes in Spartan Race where he finished the 2019 US National Series in 3rd place. Passionate about mentoring young athletes, Ryan works with youth athletes to teach them how to move fluently, care for their body, and reach their individual peak athletic capability. As part of his own training, he drinks Athletic to feel healthy at all times, but still enjoy a well-deserved beer once in awhile! Ryan has been shocking the sport of Spartan Racing this season and he is far from reaching his full stride. Follow his journey at @coach_kempson and @kempsontraining


Rachel is a model Athletic ambassador. In July of 2017, she found herself in the dreaded and deadly obese territory, and was not the wife, mother, daughter, or friend she wanted to be. Rachel's journey started by changing one thing - swapping high alcohol craft beers for NA beverage options. Going alcohol free opened the door to many new healthy habits and opportunities. To date, she's lost 75 pounds, and has been reconnected with her inner athlete. Thanks to Athletic, she no longer suffers from beer envy when hanging out with friends, and most importantly knows she can enjoy beer without compromising any of the positive momentum that’s happening en route towards a healthier lifestyle! Most recently, and to celebrate her 40th birthday, she completed over 28 miles of the PCT to raise money for Make-A-Wish foundation. Follow her adventures at @rachabides


As an athlete, Eric was tired of waking up groggy after too many craft beers at local Portland breweries. His training and races have improved greatly since he gave up beer, but still loved his IPAs, and was excited to find the best non-alcoholic beer ever! (his words). Eric has run over 150 Marathons and Ultra Marathons, consisting mostly of marathons, 31 milers and 50 milers, in addition to the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler in Texas. (Came in 3rd-Masters) and recently reaching his goal of running a 100 miler in under 24 hours.(Pigtails 100 miler-in Washington 22:15). Follow at @ericrunsalot


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