Timmy Howard: Inches to Miles

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Today we’re joined by Athletic Brewing ambassador and one of the subjects of Athletic’s new documentary, Inches to Miles, which premieres tonight in Oceanside, California. 

The odds were stacked against Timmy Howard from the start. A tumultuous childhood led Timmy down a dark path. Challenges continued to snowball until he eventually found himself in a fitness program, where he finally experienced the loving support that had been absent his whole life. With the strength of this new community at his back, Timmy is fueled forward into IRONMAN  Lake Placid was an attempt to conquer a whole new kind of challenge.

To learn more about Timmy’s story by watching Inches to Miles. You can buy tickets to our film premiere in Oceanside, California today, watch the trailer, and find out where to watch the film here: https://athleticbrewing.com/pages/inches-to-miles

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