Dave Chang: Ripe Pursuit

Dave’s journey to culinary mastery and innovation was anything but ordinary. An early (and successful) pursuit of golf could have easily kept Dave out of the kitchen, but his desire to cook great food, and to do it in a new way, had him trading in his clubs and golf cart for spatulas and aprons, and never looking back.

From betting his whole future on his first restaurant in 2004 to opening dozens of other restaurants since, the road of culinary innovation has kept him on his toes and unafraid to try new things. 

His pursuit has led him to critically acclaimed works in television, writing, and podcasting, and obviously, restaurants. 

Listen in on today’s episode of Without Compromise to hear Dave’s story and be sure to check out Dave’s drink of the summer, Ripe Pursuit, a lemon-infused, radler-style brew at AthleticBrewing.com

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