Andrew Drummond: The Rise of Backcountry Skiing

by Mason Gravley / Jan 15, 2021
Andrew Drummond: The Rise of Backcountry Skiing

The mountains of New Hampshire have brought many exciting experiences to Andrew Drummond. Growing up in the area Andrew has been training his whole life, without knowing it, to be a defining source of knowledge, gear, and stoke for backcountry skiing in the Northeast. After stints skiing and surfing out west, even going up to Alaska to alpine tour, Andrew was ready to come home and spread the stoke in his own backyard. 

After refamiliarizing himself with the White Mountains that he still calls home, the constant questioning from like minded folks wanting to know the best places to go just off the beaten path as well as folks wanting to dip their toes in this new backcountry craze led Andrew down a path he never thought he’d lead...retail. 

Having opened his shop, Ski the Whites, to help satiate the area’s needs, the growth of community and adventure has only risen as well. Now outfitting folks for skiing, biking, and running, the shop has even begun dabbling in coffee to further meet folks where they are with what they with the focus always being on a solid community.

On top of owning and operating an outfitting company, Andrew serves on the board of the Granite Backcountry Alliance and he joins today to tell us about his journey and impact on and off the mountain. 


Find out more about Andrew:

Instagram: @sr_drummond

Business: @ski_the_whites

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