Dear Athletic...

"My life changed and a door reopened."

– Drew

"First and foremost; THANK YOU. Thank you for opening your doors to a craft beer enthusiast and athlete who just so happens to have epilepsy. The medical community has long made it clear that alcohol and anticonvulsants (seizure meds) do not mix and put myself in danger. Ignoring that for my love of quality hops is selfish and not fair to my family. I had all but closed that passionate chapter in my life.

Don't get me wrong, I take great pride in what I have achieved in running, qualifying for Boston multiple times (even participating the year of the bombing!) and ranking top 10 in the state for road runners.

Fast forward to my first reluctant sip of an Athletic Brewing IPA and my life changed and a door reopened. Thank you for fulfilling a passion of mine again, even if you didn't know your reach extended to those with technically a disability.

I hope you share my story on who Athletic Brewing can reach.

Avid Runner, craft brew lover, and happily married father"


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Dear Athletic