Two For The Trails Grant

We are looking to support infrastructure projects that will have a meaningful impact on your community. We typically work with sports such as hiking, climbing, biking, and skiing but are open to supporting all human powered activities, whether you call a city center or the mountains your home. What we want to hear from you is, how will this project serve your community, what impact will you hope it has? Projects can fall under the following categories:

1. New Trail Construction
2. Major maintenance of existing popular trail that needs work due to heavy use
3. Trailhead improvements including: 

  • Signage and information
  • Parking
  • Amenities including restrooms, showers, bike wash or bike tool stations, picnic tables
  • Pump Tracks or Skills Parks

We strongly encourage organizations serving traditionally under-represented communities to apply.

Your Organization must be a registered 501c3
The project be approved by the appropriate land manager(s) and shovel ready
Funds must be utilized with one year of disbursement
Funds must be used on construction-related costs, and shall not be used on the following: 

  • Fees 
  • Administrative functions 
  • Mileage for builders 

What We Will Provide 
In addition to funding your project, we want to be your partner. We will provide the following:

Beer - We will happily provide beer for your events, parties, trail sits, and other events you can dream up (Limit to TK for the calendar year).
Trail Days - Athletic will sponsor at least one trail day where we will have staff and ambassadors providing on the ground support, and giveaways to celebrate your volunteer efforts.
Ribbon Cutting - What better way to celebrate your new trail than with beer!
Feature on Our Two for The Trails Webpage - We want to celebrate you and all the great work you do.

What you will provide
A successful project! - We can’t wait to come run, hike, bike, climb, or ski your new trail!
Signage at the trailhead highlighting Athletic’s support of the project (we can provide if need be!).
Logos in marketing materials including email, social media, flyers, etc.
Photo Assets of the project - We would love to share the progress of your project, please send photos as it progresses.
Social Media Mentions - When posting about the project the organization will tag Athletic Brewing in all relevant posts.
Share our Beer - We love our beer and we are sure your members will too, be sure to pass it out whenever you can. We are open to suggestions on fun ways to incorporate our beer into your events.

Have a project that we could fund? Apply Below:

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