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The Appalachian Trail

Athletic Brewing partners with many organizations, including the Appalachian Mountain Club, for donations and team work days on the trails we all love.

Donation: 2% of all company sales for 2018


Maine Trails

Our contributions helped Maine Huts & Trails system open for 2020. With your support, they met their goal of $500,000 to continue operations for the upcoming winter.

Donation: 2% of all company sales for Q3 2020.


Mount Holyoke Range

The Seven Sisters range in Mt. Holyoke was the spot for our latest trail work day. We teamed up with The Friends of Mount Holyoke Range for a day of trail work, to donate time as well as charity. 

Donation: 2% of all company sales in April 2019 


To Be Determined

We're searching for great organizations that are making a difference on the west coast. If you have an idea, reach out to us!

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