One man's mission to summit 100 peaks faster than anyone ever.

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At the heart of this story is one man's pursuit to prove to himself that even when others can't see it, the right path is the one you create for yourself.

The Only Way Is Up

When a life-altering car accident upended Jason Hardrath's world, doctors said he'd never run again. Seven years later he has the most FKTs (Fastest Known Times) of anyone on earth. Now, he's on a journey to be the first person ever to set 100 FKT records.

FKT 101

An FKT, or fastest known time, is the fastest completion time of an established route at least five miles long or with 500+ feet of climbing. It can be on a trail, a road, a beach, or a mountain, the only rule is that the route has to be well-known.

When Jason was approaching his goal of 100 FKTs, he wanted to do something special for the last one. What sort of adventure would be worthy of number 100? After pouring over different options for routes and peaks he came across a challenge he couldn't resist, Washington's Bulger List, the highest 100 peaks in the state, a lifetime challenge for most that attempt it but Jason, being a teacher, only had 50 days in the summer to complete it.

An epic adventure

Jason's thirst for adventure is what first caught our eye, but his epic ambition is why we produced this film with WZRD Media. It inspired us to accept a challenge as monumental to us as his: to create our first-ever documentary about his incredible journey.

Like Jason, we're also on a mission to embrace the outdoors to their fullest extent, so we can fuel more adventures like the one in this film. It's precisely why we launched our Two For the Trails program - our flagship initiative to do more for Mother Nature. Through it, we donate 2% of all sales to help protect, preserve, and maintain trails, parks, and green spaces.

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Jason's Story

Since childhood, Jason has had an appetite for adrenaline – embracing physical challenges as a way to rise above and beyond. Today, he is a P.E. teacher in the low-income community of Bonanza, Oregon, hoping to inspire his students to live life the same way.

Prior to “Journey to 100”, Hardrath was an Ironman athlete and no stranger to pushing his farthest physical limits. But in 2020, after a tremendous recovery, he set out to tackle yet another near impossible task: to conquer 100 peaks in 50 days.

“Journey to 100” documents that challenge, following Hardrath on all of his weekend excursions. Get an early preview of the film below before seeing it in select theaters or at our digital release on May 9.

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