Put a new tradition on the table

Put a new tradition on the table

Let’s be honest: holiday hosting ain’t always easy. Between planning, prepping, restrictions, and relatives, the holiday season is a hosting gauntlet. But what if we told you there was a new hosting tradition to help you skip the headaches and ace the season? That might sound too good to be true. Actually, it sounds a lot like Athletic.

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Hosting Hack from Brunch with Babs

Don't worry if you forget to chill your drinks in advance, Babs to the rescue! Fill a beverage bucket with ice, a selection of beverages (I like Athletic Brewing), a little cold water and a cup of coarse salt which will get those drinks cold in under five minutes!

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Great Hosts Have Great Taste

Seasoned hosts know the secret lies in having something (great) for everyone. Our lineup of award-winning brews appeals to a wide range of tastes. Fill your cart with a variety of our brews and satisfy every kind of beer lover. With everything from IPAs to goldens, darks, witbiers, and sours, we’ve got your entire guestlist covered. 

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Wear Your Spirit On Your Sleeve

Turn up the holiday spirit with Athletic’s holiday gear. Head on over to our merch shop and put together a cheerful ensemble that’s fit for the season.

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