“Give Dry A Try” Giveaway

This January, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Turns out, just trying still counts. Give dry a try, if only for a night, and celebrate the accomplishment without the commitment. Maybe with a 5-day trip to Costa Rica? We should be able to help with that.

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A Win-Win Experience

Our giveaway consists of three incredible prizes because somehow one just didn’t seem like enough:

1 Winner: $10,000 Value Grand Prize Getaway

Costa Rica is the ultimate destination for adventures but it’s also a go-to getaway for relaxation. We’re giving away a 5-day trip so you can enjoy both - airfare and hotel paid for by us.

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Ten lucky individuals will also win a WHOOP Wearable Wellness device and a 1-Year Whoop Membership. With the ability to track your daily habits across multiple metrics, you’ll be able to keep January’s momentum going all year long.

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From Head to H2O

Finally, we’ll be outfitting 100 more participants with all-new Athletic Brewing hats and water bottles. Two of our top essentials for any worthy endeavor.

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Ready to go? It’s time to Give Dry a Try!

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