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Trailblazer makes its triumphant return for another toast to progress for Women’s History Month! A liquid legend in the land of brews, it follows a crisp peach nose through cairns of citrus and florals, peaking at a whole new elevation of hops. The descent is smooth and at times bitter, a true taste of success on a trail hard-traveled, and our toast to those who’ve traveled it before.

Our IMPACT Brew Series features 4 specialty limited time offerings: Soul Sour, Trailblazer, Rainbow Wall, and Ready Front, honoring Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Pride Month, and Veteran’s Day, respectively.  With each purchase of an IMPACT brew, you’ll be supporting organizations that make a difference for marginalized communities, with up to $100,000 of IMPACT Brew Series profits donated annually to these causes. 

Donations through Trailblazer focus on uplifting and empowering women in fields traditionally underrepresented, like brewing. This year’s recipients include Lifting Lucy and Women of the Bevolution. 

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INGREDIENTS: Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Wheat, Yeast

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We’re Trailblazers

We’re Trailblazers; of course our 2024 Women’s History Month brew incorporates a hop blend hand-selected by our trail blazing teammates. We’re Trailblazers; of course we collaborate with fellow B Corps, like MiiR, to create a limited-edition water bottle. We’re Trailblazers; of course we work with suppliers passionate about the cause, like Crosby Hops who donated a portion of hops to the brew.

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Opportunities Are Brewing 

Each year we partner with trailblazing organizations that focus on empowering women and creating opportunities for success. In 2024, Women of the Bevolution is one of them. They’re a game-changing organization working to create a better and more inclusive beverage and hospitality industry through initiative and grant programs. Women of the Bevolution champions the voices and talents of women and non-binary beverage industry professionals and creators.


Opportunities Are Brewing 

Another recipient  this year is Lifting Lucy, a non-profit organization we're proud to have partnered with since 2021. Lifting Lucy is committed globally to supporting all Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color in craft beer industry events and educational opportunities through mentoring, career coaching, and funding assistance.


Trailblazing Teammates

The inspiration for this brew started with our very own teammates, many of whom are still forging progress on the trail ahead. We’re thrilled to celebrate their missions and journeys with a brew that honors them with every sip.

Kimberly Leonard | Production Brewer, West Coast
A brewing pioneer with nearly 10 years of experience, Kimberly joined Athletic’s West Coast brew team 2 years ago. She loves the opportunity to make NA  beer recipes and create options for people looking for variety. Keep an eye out for her in San Diego - you just might find her rollerskating! 

Andrea Harraman | National Planning & Distribution Manager 
One word to describe Andrea: Leader. Her work as Athletic’s National Planning & Distribution Manager has her spearheading the strategic planning of production operations across both breweries. You can also thank her for getting your favorite brews at your local store, as she provides oversight to all nationwide distributors - ensuring Athletic products reach every corner of the country with precision and timeliness.

Melissa Andrade | Food Safety Manager When it comes to making sure your brews are safe to consume, you know Melissa’s in your corner. She oversees Athletic’s Food Safety Program for the whole company, upholding and implementing it while mitigating risks. Melissa and her passionate team of 3 specialists are unparalleled in the support, training, and guidance they give for good manufacturing practices and food safety.

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Light bodied with fruity and herbaceous aromas from hops selected by the ladies of Athletic


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Grilled foods, charcuterie boards, trailblazing.

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