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May Brew: Downwinder

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Want to add some variety to your Athletic Club shipment? Now you can with our Limited Subscription option. When you select “Limited Subscription Brew", you’ll receive a different Limited Brew each month. The Limited Brew will be announced 5 days before the beginning of each month, so you can decide to keep it in your next box, skip, or swap for your regular year-round brews. The best part? You’ll get first-access to some Limited Brews before they’re available to the public and even other Athletic Club members. Please note: if you add (2) limited products to your subscription, both 6-packs will be the style specified for that month. 
*Limit of 2 per subscription

May Brew: Downwinder

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INGREDIENTS: Please see Downwinder ingredients for May.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What style will you send me each month?

The limited brew will change every month and the current month's selection is displayed in the product details and description for this product.

What if I don't want the current month's selection?

We'll send an email 5 days before the next month, so you know what's coming next. You can decide to keep it in your next box, skip, or swap for your regular year-round brews.

How do I add this to my subscription?

Simple add the "Limited Subscription Brew" product to your upcoming subscription order in your membership portal. We'll send you the current month's style when your next order renews!

i don't see this product as an option in my subscription

You will have to be on our new subscription platform in order to add this limited brew as an option. We are rolling the new platform out to current subscribers in phases, but if you would like to migrate early, please email us at

How many limited brews can i add to my subscription?

We currently have a limit of (2) 6-packs of the Limited Subscription Product in your monthly order.

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