Shelby Stanger: Will to Wild

Shelby Stanger is passionate about how we can use the power of adventure to improve our mental wellbeing and live without compromise. The journalist-turned-podcaster’s work has appeared everywhere from Outside Magazine and CNN to ESPN and The San Diego Union Tribune. 

In 2016, Shelby started the Wild Ideas Worth Living Podcast to dive deeper into stories of how adventure and nature changes us. The podcast is now owned by REI Co-op Studios, and Shelby, who has interviewed hundreds of adventurers, remains the host and creator of the show. 

Shelby’s new book, Will to Wild, is an instruction manual to adventure, inspired by all the lessons she has learned from guests of her podcast and personal adventures over the years. It’s the book she wishes she’d had when she’d first felt the urge to leap from familiar to wild terrain. The one that takes you step-by-step from the first inkling of inspiration for your own wild idea through fear and self-doubt and on to the finish line.


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Learn more about Shelby: shelbystanger.com willtowild.com

@ShelbyStanger on Instagram

Wild Ideas Worth Living Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wild-ideas-worth-living

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