Roxanne Peña Avant: Urban Surf 4 Kids

This past week, Athletic Brewing’s west coast team headed to Fiesta Island for a beach cleanup in collaboration with Urban Surf 4 Kids, an organization that provides opportunities for healing and empowerment through surf therapy, mentorship, and life skills achievement programs for youth in foster and at-risk communities.

We also had the opportunity to sit down with Roxanne Avant, the Executive Director of Urban Surf 4 Kids, for a chat about how the important work they’re doing and what she has learned there as a leader.

No matter what path you’re pursuing without compromise, you’ll learn something valuable from Roxanne and be inspired by her dedication to make a positive change in the next generation through surfing. 

Learn more about Urban Surf 4 Kids at urbansurf4kids.org

You can learn more about our values at AthleticBrewing.com/pages/values

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