Pete Stetina: Going Gravel

by Mason Gravley / Jan 01, 2021
Pete Stetina: Going Gravel

After years of being in the biggest road cycling races in the world a devastating and life-altering injury left Pete’s career path felt shaken up and in need of more stability. 

Growing up in Colorado and now residing in the Tahoe area, the outdoors were the places he felt at home and at peace. That’s when Pete started to explore the idea of leaving the world of road cycling for the up-and-coming gravel scene. It was a place that accepted newcomers, valued community and good beer, but also gave the edge to not just the fastest riders, but the toughest. 

An unlikely full recovery is what even made this dream of going gravel possible. In today’s episode, we’re hearing a story of endurance, optimism, and the power of betting on yourself. 

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