Pete Ceglinski: Seabin Project

We all know that trail pollution doesn't stop on land, and neither does our Two For The Trails program. Our partners over at Seabin are on a mission to clean the ocean, one Seabin at a time. What's a Seabin? Check out today's Without Compromise podcast episode with Seabin CEO and Co-Founder Pete Ceglinski, to find out how this innovative idea got started, how Athletic Brewing is working with Seabin, and how you too can help rid the ocean of plastic pollution.

To celebrate World’s Ocean Day last week, we had a team from our San Diego brewery to go check out the Athletic Brewing Seabin unit in Marina Del Rey. They analyzed the contents of the Seabin, sorted out the samples, and captured the data. It was an incredible day of seeing the Seabin in action!

Learn more about Seabin here

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