Oren Ferris: Beer Enthusiast turned Entrepreneur

by Mason Gravley / Feb 22, 2022
Oren Ferris: Beer Enthusiast turned Entrepreneur

Oren became a fan of craft beer after visiting a beer festival in his home state of Connecticut a few years ago. After exploring the different beers and breweries in his area, he wanted to get involved in a bigger way. In the summer of 2019, Oren began working at a beer garden and slowly started immersing himself in other aspects of the brewing world. That love for craft beer and the desire to learn has led Oren to be the first-ever recipient of the Athletic Brewing Company Scholarship through Sacred Heart University. The scholarship will provide Oren with a valuable skill set in the industry he already loves and help give him a bright future in brewing.  


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Learn more about the Athletic Brewing Scholarship through Sacred Heart University here

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