Molly Seidel: Running Wild

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When Molly stepped up to the line at her very first marathon in 2019, which happened to be the Olympic trials, she didn’t necessarily have huge expectations. That’s not to say Molly wasn’t already an accomplished runner. With nearly a dozen state titles and an illustrious career at Notre Dame, including four national championships, Molly knew she was a talented runner. But this marathon was more about the experience and getting familiar with the distance than it was about winning. 

She thought of the time she had put in, the struggle of near career-ending injuries, surgeries and setbacks, and the feeling of coming to terms with never running again. It made her want to run her best and leave it all on the course, and for the first time in a while, have fun. 

To her and many others’ surprise, Molly placed second in the marathon, showing that a solid foundation can help you succeed in unfamiliar territory when you’re going against the grain. 

Molly’s story is filled with unexpected turns, twists, and setbacks but ultimately proves once again that for many of us, perseverance is the secret to success. 

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Molly’s Instagram: @bygolly.molly

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