Michelle Klinger: Getting Brews to You

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Have you ever had an ice-cold Athletic brew at the finish line of a race, trade show, or music festival? Maybe it was the eye-catching tent, bold branding, or friendly face behind the table that initially got your attention.

You’d probably want to thank Michelle for helping to make that happen. She’s in charge of getting our award-winning non-alcoholic brews all over the country and coordinating the logistics of introducing Athletic brews to millions of people through event sampling each year. 

As we gear up for event season, we wanted to give you a peek behind the scenes of some of the folks here at Athletic Brewing. We’ll hear about how Michelle grew up playing soccer, worked on a dude ranch in Colorado, and fell in love with running, making it a large part of her career before Athletic Brewing. 

Next time you grab an Athletic brew at the finish line, give a cheers to the folks like Michelle who helped get it there!

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