Marcus Fitts: Leading With GRIT

by Mason Gravley / Jan 29, 2021
Marcus Fitts: Leading With GRIT

As a kid, when Marcus wanted to play football and baseball his mom would only allow it after he fulfilled one condition, learn to swim. 

Even after excelling at track and football, the foundation of swimming was what Marcus always came back to and also excelled in. He eventually went to college on a track and swimming scholarship, giving him a leg up in the sport of triathlons, which he would soon discover. 

Seeing a lack of diversity in the sport for a multitude of reasons, Marcus began to strategically break down the barriers in his community to create avenues for new folks, especially those of color and minorities to try and excel in triathlons. 

This led him to organize the District Triathlon club in DC as an official 501(c)3. After a handful of successful years growing the community and seeing even more potential, Marcus then decided to start GRIT USA, an adult endurance and multisport development program for triathletes. 

Today Marcus splits his time between growing GRIT, pursuing his other goals like the Speed Project, and using his platform in the DC area to continue to be a voice of change, equality, and hope.

Learn more about Marcus, District Triathlon and GRIT USA below:




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