Daniela Ochoa Diaz: Carrying on the Legacy

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In 1928 a group of five Black women set off on an unforgettable journey to bicycle 250 miles from Harlem to Washington D.C. in just 65 hours. For the next three days Marylou Jackson, Velma Jackson, Ethyl Miller, Leolya Nelson, and Constance White would pedal their bicycles 110 miles on day one, 40 miles on day two, and finish the experience with one more 100-mile push. When asked, by the one newspaper that wrote about the story, about what motivated this journey they responded by saying, “the love of the great-out-of-doors”. 

Even though the journey was most likely unforgettable to them, history didn’t seem to take note of their ground-breaking experience for women and Black cyclists nearly a century ago. That is, until historian Marya McQuirter, found the picture and newspaper article in the mid-1990s and was immediately compelled to spread the word about this great accomplishment. 

Fast forward to May of 2021 where the legacy continues. Daniela Ochoa Diaz, an Athletic Brewing Ambassador, joined four other women to recreate the journey nearly 100 years later. Today Daniela will tell us the story of that ride, how it went, and where the legacy goes from here. 

Find out more about Daniela here @tiempoferpecto

Find out more about Major Knox Adventures, the organizer of the recreation of the 1928 Legacy Tour, here: @majorknoxadventures

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