Chris Cosentino: Celebrity Chef, Athlete, Philanthropist

by Mason Gravley / Nov 20, 2020
Chris Cosentino: Celebrity Chef, Athlete, Philanthropist

Chef Cosentino’s story is full of flavor. From the food he cooks to the road his life has traveled, the twists, turns, and details are unconventional and packed with zest.

You may recognize Chris as the winner of Top Chef Masters, a competitor on The Next Iron Chef, and for his appearances on Iron Chef America but his story did not start as one of immediate promise. He struggled as a student with undiagnosed Dyslexia and his first dabbling in the kitchen came from a restaurant not necessarily known for cultivating protégé-level talent, IHOP. 

But his story, as you’ll hear, is one that doesn’t follow a predetermined trajectory. A decade of professional cycling later and a love for cooking with the more forgotten parts of animals, Chris has carved quite a niche for himself and his unconventionality makes him a perfect fit for the Athletic Brewing community, a group that fully embraces aiming for what is beyond commonplace. 

In celebration of flavor, life, and hard work without compromise, Athletic Brewing has partnered with Chef Cosentino to launch a collaborative beer known as AfterShift. The limited-release IPA is a crisp and complex beer born out of an unlikely camaraderie between chef and brewer—both rule-breakers and taste-makers colluding to bring something to the table like never before. 

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Learn more about Chef Cosentino here.