Bill Shufelt: Three Years and Counting

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 This interview with Bill originally aired in January 2020

Check out the most recent blog post where we ask our founders, Bill and John, three big questions.

Have you ever taken a sip of an Athletic brew and thought, how in the world did someone come up with this great tasting non-alcoholic craft beer? If so, you're in luck. We’re sitting down and talking with Bill Shufelt, the founder of Athletic Brewing Company, to talk about his vision and idea that sparked this entire movement and John's equally risky commitment and brewing expertise that set a series of events in motion that continually grows in size and influence. Frankly, it’s the reason this show even exists. 

Last week we celebrated 3 years in existence and wanted to revisit this interview with Bill recorded late 2019. Cheers to many more years of great beer!

Find out more about Athletic Brewing Company and our award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer at AthleticBrewing.com
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