Behind the Brews: Trailblazer by Cara Wilson

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Cara has always been a trailblazer. From studying environmental biology in Hawaii to being a wildland firefighter in California, she has always been comfortable on the path less taken. Her intro into the world of brewing was no different.

Wanting to be involved in the lively scene of microbreweries and the energy that surrounds them Cara took what she thought would be a short-term job during a stint in New Jersey before planning to move and do something else. With unforeseen short staffing, Cara was quickly thrown into the brewing process itself. A little help with loading tanks here, a little help pouring hops there and the next she knew, she was brewing beer start to finish...and loved it!

For International Women’s Day, Cara is honoring that can-do spirit by brewing a special Athletic Brewing beer, Trailblazer, with all proceeds benefiting Pink Boots Society. Trailblazer follows a crisp peach nose through cairns of citrus and florals, peaking at a whole new elevation of hops. The descent is smooth and at times bitter, a true taste of success on a trail hard-traveled. And our toast to those who’ve traveled it before and those still blazing their own path.

Find out more about Trailblazer here.

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