Our New Two For The Trails Grant Program

by Mason Gravley / Feb 25, 2021
Our New Two For The Trails Grant Program

One of the great things about being a part of the Athletic Brewing community is that ideas are valued. Not only is the Athletic team passionate about brewing the best non-alcoholic beer in the world, we are a community that’s completely open to unique ideas. And when ideas flow freely and folks are able to share openly, beautiful things happen.

A great example is the recent move to take the already successful Two For The Trails program one step further. With the Two For The Trails program, which was built into the foundation of Athletic Brewing from day one, 2% of revenue from the beer we sell goes back to all sorts of trail maintenance and clean ups, essentially anything that helps access to human powered recreation. The program focuses on everything from building trail infrastructure way out in the wilderness to fixing up a community park in the middle of a city. We know that getting out and exploring nature is one of the keys to a healthy and happy life because that is what nature is to us. 

As great as Two For The Trails is (we donated $300,000 in 2020!), we knew it could be better. That’s the thing about Athletic Brewing, we’re never done pursuing a better version of our last iteration. The desire to be our best literally pours from our breweries into our cans and into our own lives as individuals. 

Our team began brainstorming how to make an even bigger impact in the community in the years ahead. We decided to move Two For The Trails into a grant-based program that communities big and small can apply for! Instead of pursuing projects that only we knew about, why not open it up to everyone to have a piece of the pie? It made too much sense not to pursue. 

So starting this month, organizations anywhere in the country will be able to apply for Two For The Trails funding for a project they need completed. We’ll be making an initial commitment of $500,000 to trail projects with the hopes that it’s only the beginning of what this program will continue to grow into. 

We’re excited to begin this whole new adventure together and even more excited to know that the journey of Two For The Trails is only just beginning. 

Cheers to clean and happy trails!

Mason Gravley

Lead Adventurer and Host of Without Compromise Podcast