Let's Keep the Party Going

by Ashly Winchester / Jan 21, 2022


We’re halfway through Dry January and the stoke levels are still at an all-time high over here at Athletic Brewing! We hope that you’ve had a successful Dry January so far by snagging the Dry Jan Party Pack, inviting a friend to party with you, and pumping up the fun factor

As the days pass and you continue along the dry path, you may be excited to see you’re falling into new routines. 

If you drink alcoholic beverages frequently, avoiding alcohol for a full month has some big benefits. So why not keep the party going? 

Ambassador John Krusinksi gave Dry January a try in 2020 and never looked back. 


“I decided to try out Dry January just [to] give myself a nice little challenge,” says Krusinski, “and after that full month of not drinking alcohol, I felt great. So much that I kept it going for the next month, and on and on.”


Feeling inspired? We are too. 

So we put together some ideas that can help you stay on the Dry January track beyond January.


Throw an Awesome Non-Alcoholic Party

That’s right, keep the party going by… keeping the party going!


A great way to get the party started is, to begin with, ice-breakers. Ice breakers can be anything that allows people to mingle and relax into conversations. Games are fantastic for this and aren’t just for kids -- as long as everyone is game for a game. 

You can even play drinking games. Just replace the booze with some Athletic brews, and it’s game on for beer pong. Other ideas for icebreakers could be charades, cards, trivia, or karaoke. The idea is to engage your guests.


“Gone are the days where it’s expected to drink alcohol at gatherings,” says Athletic Brewing ambassador, Joshua James. “Now we have tasty alcohol alternatives that will be better for everyone.”


Another fantastic icebreaker is to simply have non-alcoholic beverages available. Many of us seem to relax the moment we have a drink in hand, so serving up some delicious mocktails might help. We’re not talking about soda here – we mean tasty, mixed drinks using Athletic brews! Take a peek at our list of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails curated by our very own Hailey Hosler and featuring your favorite Athletic brews.

It’s exciting to just see options. Not so long ago we didn’t have options on menus or opportunities to go out and celebrate soberly. Options and acceptance seem to be growing more and more. I just love seeing people choose to take care of themselves,” says Hosler, Athletic Brewing’s Oregon teammate and a connoisseur of mixed drinks.


Recruit a Friend


It’s not a party without your people. 


When you have someone close to you who has the same goals, you’re more likely to succeed. Having a friend, partner, or group of friends to hold you accountable can help you stick to your plans and you can motivate each other. 

Better yet, include them in your exploration of new hobbies or sign up for gym memberships together. Set the stakes and make bets on each other -- the whole idea is to keep it fun and make it a party.

“Most New Year's resolutions only last about two weeks,” says Krusinski. “So if you set up a dry January challenge between you and your friends, most likely you'll surpass that two weeks and then in the end you may find you enjoy it so much you keep going longer.”

Looking to stock up without stepping out? Let us introduce you to our Build Your Own Party Pack. It’s got everything you need to party including any five 6-packs of your favorite brews, a disposable Dry Jan camera, sticker, and a Limited-edition koozie (that we’ll conveniently deliver right to your door). All party pack items will be free at checkout when you add any five 6-packs to your cart!



Take a Look Back


Remember that disposable camera you got with your Dry Jan Party Pack

This is the time to get those photos developed and reminisce on how much fun you had snapping photos with your friends. It serves as an excellent reminder that fun comes in many forms and that you can live it up without alcohol.


This is also a good time to check in with yourself and take a look at how the month has gone for you. Maybe you decided to start journaling or inviting more mindfulness into your routine. This is your journey, and there is no right or wrong way to navigate towards being your best.

How are you feeling? Are you sleeping better? Do you have more energy? If you stumbled a little along the way, how did that happen? 

Recognizing the negative patterns that cause setbacks can help you overcome them, according to Dr. Lisa Marsch, an expert in behavior change at Dartmouth College. 

“The first step to changing your behavior is to create an awareness of what you do regularly,” Dr. Marsch said in an article.

Take a tally of your successful days and celebrate them with an Athletic non-alcoholic brew. We are here for it even if you just want to try going dry for one day. And, cheers if After Dry Jan, you want to try incorporating one of our craft brews into your routine between nights of drinking and socializing. Pat yourself on the back and be proud of how far you’ve come. 

Ambassador Brighten LeBeau knows how important it is to take pride in your accomplishment. 

“Dry January for me was the perfect way to start the new year with a clear head and to feel proud of myself for prioritizing my holistic health,” she says.


Settle Into Your New Routines


Creating new routines in your life requires consistency, but they can have a huge impact on your life.

“Dry January changed my life completely,” says Krusinsky of his now two-year sobriety. “Plus, not drinking alcohol will keep you from waking up feeling lousy and hungover.”