Brian Mazza: Living a High Performance Lifestyle

by Mason Gravley / Jan 14, 2022
Brian Mazza: Living a High Performance Lifestyle

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Brian grew up in New York and spent 15 years in the hospitality and fashion industry after a great soccer career at the University of Rhode Island. He was always a great athlete but knew that he wasn’t reaching his full potential in life. Recognizing that he didn’t grow up with a lot of adversity, Brian made it his lifestyle to make most of his abilities by introducing adversity through getting out of his comfort zone and starting another business from scratch. This time, however, the goal would be to help others reach their potential too. 

After jumping in head-first and getting David Goggins as his first fitness headline guest, his plan began to work. In 2017 and 2019 Brian was on the cover of Men’s Health and has been featured in Men’s Fitness, GQ, Esquire, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fox 5, Cheddar, The Steve Harvey Show, and is a frequent guest on various Food Network shows.

Find out more about Brian at and Instagram @brianmazza

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