Dear Athletic...

"Fit For All Times… That phrase has a new meaning for our household"

– Lily

"Thanks to you and your team for creating these non-alcoholic beers!!

Fit For All Times… That phrase has a new meaning for our household these days. As a six-week postpartum, breastfeeding mother of two, Athletic brews have become that perfect “pause” for me without the worry. My husband and I have been sitting down with an Athletic brew (All Out has been our current snowy, cold Minnesota winter brew of choice) to share a moment together as we navigate parenting a 3.5-year-old and a 6-week-old. And, we are drinking a really good NA beer that doesn’t leave any question if we are able to drive to the store for diapers afterward.

Our family has been very locked down these last 2.5+ pandemic years between having one small child at the start, then being pregnant, and then welcoming a second child. Finding at-home “date nights” has been a crucial piece to our mental health and our relationship (or “date mornings” as the case may be… 5am Mario Kart and coffee, anyone?).

And Athletic NA beer is now a part of those date moments! Excited to try more brews over the holidays from the multipack that arrived last week.

A big thank you!!"


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Dear Athletic