Dear Athletic...

"We still can't believe that we don't feel like we are missing out on anything."

– Moya

"I have had a letter to you brewing (pun intended of course) in my mind over the past few weeks. It is a daunting task because of how big of a thank you I want to convey. 

But I'll give it a go... I have had zero, I might even say negative, interest in non-alcoholic beers. My wife and I "accidentally" tried Athletic after we completed the All of the Above 5k race at Berkshire East a few weeks ago. I say accidentally because we were perusing the vendor tents and came upon Athletic's, not realizing it was non-alcoholic beer. Your rep was so nice and informative so I was being "nice" when I chose to trial Run Wild. I was amazed that it tasted like "real" beer and had another. We left with a six-pack from said nice rep and I continued to enjoy them at home over the next week, determining it wasn't just some post-run fluke that made it taste good. What has happened since has blown our minds. We were not looking to significantly decrease our alcohol consumption. But when we ordered a bunch more of your brews and found we loved many of them, not to mention your brilliant marketing, it changed our lives. We have actually spent hours discussing this! I consider myself an amateur mixologist and really enjoy making cocktails and enjoying craft beers. 

My wife and I didn't realize how much we wanted a break from alcohol until we found Athletic. I have been "drinking" every night. We still can't believe that we don't feel like we are missing out on anything. If I had known I would be trialing NA beer I would have predicted the best possible outcome would be that it might be a good "filler" for certain situations but would have doubted anything could taste good enough. Somehow a miracle has happened and it has actually replaced alcohol and been such a fun new experience with our subscription and trying different ABC brews. We didn't consume alcohol on Thanksgiving for the first time in decades. 

Three weeks ago I drank three "real" beers while watching football; yesterday I drank three ABC brews watching football. We feel great! It is mind boggling to me that it still isn't even necessarily a goal to not be drinking alcohol right now and I wouldn't feel badly about having a few "real" drinks a week- I just don't want any. I don't know how that happened but we know for sure that it started directly from the product you came up with. Surely you are changing more lives than you know. THANK YOU for taking the risk and running wild with it.

Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

Happy Holidays to All at ABC"


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Dear Athletic