Hailey Hosler: Being Sober in the Service Industry + The NA Beer Mile

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Hailey grew up in the service industry going to music festivals with her family’s coffee shop as a kid. When she got older she began getting more involved, fell in love with making elaborate mixed drinks, and even opened her own restaurant at one point. So when Hailey decided to cut out alcohol from her life it felt like a part of her went missing. When it came to her passion for mixology and cocktails, she didn’t look for a light at the end of the tunnel because she didn’t realize there was even one there. Did that passion have to just disappear now?

Hailey began to realize that there were tons of folks in her shoes. People who loved the energy and excitement around the service industry but decided to give alcohol the boot, yet still maintained their passion for the work they did. Slowly but surely, Hailey realized her passions were not only still accessible to her, but in a completely new, fresh, and healthy way. 

We’re telling Hailey’s story today in celebration of Sober October. Whether you’re cutting out alcohol for one drink, one night, one month, or forever, this episode is for you!

Non-Alcoholic Beer Mile

Also, as a bonus segment of the episode, we’re chatting with Chris Robertson of BeerMile.com to talk about the launch of their newest category, the Non-Alcoholic Beer Mile. 

We know the beer mile is a time-honored tradition for so many runners and as the leading non-alcoholic craft brewery in the US, we wanted to provide a more inclusive and responsible way for runners to participate in the event -- even if they choose not to drink alcohol. That’s why on October 17th at 12:30 pm you can join us in our hometown of Stratford, Connecticut to launch the new Non-Alcoholic Beer Mile category! Whether you’re a spectator or runner, come on out and enjoy the event where Athletic Brewing, Fleet Feet, and HOKA will be awarding prizes as well as a grand total of $2,000 in cash prizes up for grabs!

You can register for the Athletic Brewing Beer Mile here

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